SMAKA café & bakery opens its first store in the central location of Shanghai. We want you to experience the Swedish and Scandinavian tradition with hand-craft baked bread, pastry and the coffee-centric lifestyle, in our Scandinavian designed café.

We from SMAKA pride ourself on serving the finest and most delicious savory and sweet menu heavily inspired by Swedish and Scandinavian heritage and flavors, but also with an innovative and modern twist.


Have you ever heard a Swede mention the word Fika? If not, we will try to give you a handy presentation here.

It simply means having a coffee break and it’s a culture that is incorporated in the everyday life of most Swede’s- whether it is in the office, home, in the park, on the go or the train, there will most likely be a fika time.

Fika is a lifestyle where we have a reason to slow down and savor the moment. Fika is something to look forward to, and a great excuse to gather friends, business meetings or why not some love meetings.