18.pic_hdHave you ever heard a Swede mention the word Fika? If not, we will try to give you a handy presentation here.

It simply means having a coffee break and it’s a culture that is incorporated in the everyday life of most Swede’s- whether it is in the office, home, in the park, on the go or the train, there will most likely be a fika time.

Fika is a lifestyle where we have a reason to slow down and savor the moment. Fika is something to look forward to, and a great excuse to gather friends, business meetings or why not some love meetings.

We hope to give China a taste of Swedish sweets, to spread the culture of a coffee break in the hectic lives and of course to give the Swedes in China a little feeling of home. All our products are baked in our own bakery just to give you the fresh Fika bread every day! To be able to create the authentic taste of ”home”, most ingredients are imported from Europe. We are determined to keep high quality products because we all know that good products will last.

The story in Valentina’s own words

Some of us are called foodies, whether it’s taking pictures of food, cooking or making lists of all new places to visit, we all have our own way of enjoying it. I’m one of those who will be the first one to jump into the car ready to head off to the grocery store. Strolling around and exploring the 1000 sqm store, passing by shelfs with milk and carrot is probably unlike others what I call fun shopping. Without exaggerating, my loyalty to food almost got me locked in in a grocery store as a kid!

So, after my business graduation from Sweden I moved to Shanghai to mainly study Chinese. However, soon after the arrive, I felt like something was missing. Despite how much I loved the city, I started to miss the Swedish cakes, buns and bread! There was nowhere to be found and I craved it, not because of sugar abstinence but I missed my Fika!

There was one day when I compared my Instagram and Pinterest feed with my sister’s (who’s in fashion) and realized that I had to do something with my passion.  The more I scrolled down, the more cupcakes, pancakes, cheesecakes and chocolate lollipops etc. appeared deliciously on the screen. I knew that this was my call, not only still my own cravings but others as well. I aim to give all products the love they deserve and to make your stomach satisfied!

I started to prepare, research and develop new recipes for the future cafe. To become even more professional I took a years bakery course in Sweden, 4 months in China, and months of work in a highly recognized bakery in Sweden.